Palazzo San Luca - Room Collection

The elegant ambiance of the double rooms will surround you with a characteristic warmth. Perfect for business travellers and couples seeking a tranquil retreat for a restful night.

An intimate attic room designed for the perfect romantic getaway, featuring a rooftop terrace from which to admire the great landmarks of the city and feel its beating heart.

A luxuriant two-bedroom suite in a tranquil setting adorned with classic Venetian decor that will transport you back in time to the city’s ancient splendour.

If Venice could be encapsulated in a suite, this would be the one. A melody of lavish books, knowledge of our city and peaceful serenity, with two bedrooms and bathed in natural light.

The elegant two-bedroom suites radiate an innate sense of style from the moment you arrive. They stand as an authentic example of Venetian living, looking onto the small square of the hotel.

A beloved vision of Venetian class, right in the heart of Venice. This apartment, featuring two bedrooms and a separate living area, will be a haven for you and your family.

This is magnificent in every way from its spacious terrace with a distinctive view, to its original Venetian flooring. The tranquility & sheer sense of comfort will make you feel at home, only better.

Just steps away from the famous Piazza San Marco, this two-bedroom apartment, with its canal view and stunning rooftop terrace is a true Venetian dream…

Ideal for a family or large group, located in the San Polo area & situated next to the famous Grand Canal. Its location on the ground floor, nestled in one of the narrowest streets of Venice.

Located in the convenient & central San Polo area. The apartment’s elevated position will allow you to admire the glorious Venetian rooftops while being surrounded by tranquility & natural light.

Junior is an exquisitely sited two-bedroom apartment.  After a day walking around the island take a breath of fresh air in the living room and perhaps engage with a glass of chilled Riesling .