Ristorante La Feluca

Ristorante La Feluca

Ristorante La Feluca is one of Palazzo San Luca’s go-to restaurants for both its menu and location, only a 5-minute walk from the hotel, on a busy street that connects San Marco to Accademia.

The wooden interiors in nouveau style offer a cosy and warm feel for your dining experience and there is also spacious outside seating, an oasis for those long summer evening meals.

You will always find locals in this restaurant, often enjoying a pleasant lunch break with colleagues or quality family time. Locals are always something to look out for when searching for a truly GOOD restaurant.

 Ristorante La Feluca Ristorante La Feluca

As a family-owned business originally from Calabria, the cuisine here is not solely focused on tastes from this area but has the power to transport you across the whole of Italy. You can go from tasting a huge variety of locally-sourced raw fish, to experiencing the absolute BEST ‘Fiorentina’ steak in Venice, for those of you craving this Tuscan speciality. Or you may wish to taste the deep south of Italy and order the n’duja tagliatelle with cream of burrata. The ingredients are simple, at times with a unique twist, such as the scallops with mango or the tuna tartare with wasabi, and the presentation of the dishes is refined and modern.

Ristorante La Feluca Ristorante La Feluca

The great thing about this restaurant is that you don’t have to spend much to get good quality. Both the menu and the wine list are extremely well catered to all budgets. You can spend €18 on a bottle of good-quality Soave and enjoy a delicious first course for under €20. And the best thing…the portions are very generous!

Dress code: casual

Cost: €25-40