Learn It from the Locals

Learn It from the Locals

To make this blog truly special, I decided to talk with Cosmin, one of our young and dedicated staff members here at Palazzo San Luca, to learn more about what a true local and lover of this city would recommend to newcomers. Knowing what Venetians like is really valuable in a city like Venice that is renowned for its tourist traps!

Learn It from the LocalsBest breakfast – Marchini Time

Cosmin loves a “caffè lungo” and a “bignè allo zabaione” here to start the day. This is a classic place to go for its variety of pastries and, like most small cafes in Italy, it has no seating because locals usually head here just in time for a quick breakfast before work.

Favourite site – Basilica dei Frari

This is Cosmin’s favourite spot in Venice. He walks past it to go to football training and is always fascinated by its size and majestic appearance. Inside you will find some true treasures of Italian art and sculpture. Highly recommend!

Shopping – Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

Built for the first time in 1228 as a trading post for German merchants in the Serenissima, this jaw-dropping building was actually for a long time Venice’s main post office. Can you believe that?! It has now been turned into a luxury department store (probably the most beautiful in the world) and Cosmin loves to come here to shop but mostly to enjoy its fancy cafe.

Where to eat – Casa Cappellari

Like every local, Cosmin knows exactly where to go for good food. He’s particularly keen on Casa Cappellari because it caters for pretty much all desires. You can have homemade pasta, fresh fish from the market or even a hamburger. And it is in an excellent location.

For a cocktail – Experimental Bar

This is one of Cosmin’s personal favourites and he loves to go here with his friends for a snazzy night out. He says that if you entrust yourselves to the expertise of the staff, you WILL be amazed.

Aperitif time – H2NO

Every Venetian has their go-to place for an “aperitivo” and “cicchetti’”. A speciality of Venice that you should absolutely try is the Select spritz, topped with a green olive and a slice of lemon.

Cosmin is always unique in his choice of drinking spots, and for his aperitif time he loves to head to H2NO. Run by three Venetians and known for its huge selection of beers, this is the perfect place according to Cosmin both for “cicchetti” and a good drink, whatever your preferences are.

Stay tuned for more Venetian tips!