An afternoon with Rémy Gresser

A few weeks ago Palazzo San Luca opened its doors to the marvellous Rémy Gresser for a Grand Cru masterclass. Having first settled in the region of Alsace in the 1600s, the Gresser family has since grown to become a leading wine producer of the area, with seven appellations spanning

Learn It from Me

I’m back with more exciting updates! I thought this time I’d post about what I LIKE to do in Venice. I was born and raised here and, wherever I go, I always find there is no place quite like this city. Here are some of my favourite things to do

Learn It from the Locals

To make this blog truly special, I decided to talk with Cosmin, one of our young and dedicated staff members here at Palazzo San Luca, to learn more about what a true local and lover of this city would recommend to newcomers. Knowing what Venetians like is really valuable in

Soave Classico Prà

I’m sure many of you have already heard of Soave, but today I’m here to give you a quick insight into its origins and specifically into Graziano Prà’s production of this wine. Hopefully this will encourage you to try it out for yourselves during you stay in Venice! The Soave

Ristorante La Feluca

Ristorante La Feluca is one of Palazzo San Luca’s go-to restaurants for both its menu and location, only a 5-minute walk from the hotel, on a busy street that connects San Marco to Accademia. The wooden interiors in nouveau style offer a cosy and warm feel for your dining experience

Ristorante Corte Sconta

Tucked away in the ‘sconte’ (‘hidden streets’) of Venice, a 15 minute walk from Palazzo San Luca, Corte Sconta is not something you will want to miss. As a local, I have heard talking about Corte Sconta by family and friends ever since I was a child and I recently