1)      Explore our artworks at Palazzo San Luca or online

2)      Choose your favourite ones

3)      Purchase and admire them in your own house

Art in Casa is a new concept that merges two realities, hospitality and art. Palazzo San Luca hosts many pieces of art, such as paintings and Murano glass sculptures. It leads to the celebration of local artists and gives the opportunity to the guests of Palazzo San Luca, but not only to them, to admire and purchase unique pieces conceived and created in Venice and its surroundings. Art in casa was born with the aim to support local art and give the opportunity to the visitors of this beautiful city to get in touch with the authentic art of Venice. It is also thanks to the collaboration with ‘Il mercante di Venezia’, a nautical antique and art gallery, that our visitors have access to a bigger variety of artworks.


The pieces exposed can be purchased directly at Palazzo San Luca but also online. Explore our collection online to find all the artworks.